AACP 2017-2018 Roster and Salary Survey

Welcome to the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy's 2017-2018 Roster Update and Salary Survey. The easy-to-use web-based format of the pages that follow will:

  • simplify the update of old records and the entry of new data
  • provide immediate, on-screen data validation
  • speed the submittal process
  • provide you with a clean, easy-to-read record of your data
  • assure confidentiality of sensitive data

Please complete and submit the survey by Tuesday, August 08, 2017. Log in with your School Number and Password below. AACP is aware of the effort required for this task and we thank you for your work to provide us with this Roster update and salary information.

Danielle A. Taylor
Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

This survey is closed and will reopen in summer 2018.